Development / Evolution League


The development of fundamentally sound individual skills goes hand in hand with understanding how to play. Players will learn an offensive concept each week, develop skills within that concept, and then put that new skill and understanding to the test while playing 3-on-3. Each player will select either Wednesday or Friday as their development day where players are taught and practice the new concept and then compete within their age group on Sunday. This is a 10-week course that includes 19 sessions for only $285. Each age group will be limited to only 12 players.

Every successful NBA and collegiate team uses 3-on-3 training as a teaching tool to break down and implement offensive concepts.

Advantages of
Small Group Training


Learn from each other

In a small group training setting, when one player learns, every player learns. Being on the court with other talented players allows you to watch others and listen as they receive instruction that you can then apply as you develop your game.


Grow as a teammate

Basketball is a team sport played side by side with others striving to reach a common goal. As quality teammates, we learn how to work with one another while providing positive encouragement to help them. Small group training provides that same opportunity while developing as a better teammate.


Iron sharpens iron

Great players make other players better as they improve. Working with another talented player allows you to push and challenge yourself as you strive to develop to be the best player you can be.

Sessions are open to all within the age range and limited by the number of
participants in each group to allow for individual focus!